1. Trebuchet says

    Sorry, you lost me at “By appointment to HRH the Prince of Wales”. He’s an idiot.

  2. Ola says

    Sorry dood, its PG Tips or bust. Triangular bag so the leaves move around more, gets you stronger tea in less time.
    AND bonus – chimpanzees in their old commercials

  3. says


    I want it. I miss Yorkshire Tea so bad. Fuck it being entry-level tea, Yorkshire tea strong enough to strip paint is where it’s at. It’s even better when you get it in those giant boxes.

    Unsophisticated northerner here.

  4. DaveUK says

    Fuck it being entry-level tea

    you get it in those giant boxes

    Unsophisticated northerner here

    I rest my case haha!

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