Look, Ted Cruz is a despicable human being, and a lying manipulative scummebagge. But it isn’t “hypocrisy” to arrange your own personal affairs within the context of a legal regime that you disagree with and whose repeal you seek. The people gleefully calling Cruz a hypocrite for obtaining health insurance within the Obamacare system don’t understand what hypocrisy is.


  1. Earth-Bound Misfit says

    The Canadian Usurper (Cruz) could go buy private insurance. Or he could go without.

    But no, he’s going to get it through the CA.


  2. Phillip IV says

    I think you’re right in principle – benefiting from a regal regime you’re disagreeing with isn’t hypocrisy per se.

    But I also think that the ridiculously overacted vehemence with which Cruz is opposing Obamacare puts his position at least into close proximity of hypocrisy. There still is some difference between saying “I disagree with this law and would prefer it amended, but I’ll work within it as long as it’s around” and saying “I think this law is the worst thing that has happened in the history of ever, that it has been authored by Lucifer in person, and that it’s going to transform the country into a socialist dsytopia in a flash. Therefore it’s worth shutting down the government over it, and talk about armed insurrection is nothing to be balked at…but I’ll work within it as long as it’s around”.

    You could say that Cruz’s hypocrisy is less evident in opposing Obamacare versus enrolling in it, but more in approaching Obamacare rationally in his personal matters versus the raving lunacy about it included in his stump speech.

  3. Chebag says

    You need to lay off that shitty weed you’ve been buying CPP. The paraquat is messing with your logic.

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