Plane Crash International “Tragedy”

Look, there’s no question that it’s fucken horrible for 150 people to die in a plane crash. But all this “international solidarity” with heads of state calling each other with condolences regarding this “moment of sorrow” and blah, blah, blah, is fucken absurd. According to the World Health Organization, worldwide 1.24 motherfucken *million* people died in traffic crashes on the roads of the world in just one year, 2010. The most commercial aviation deaths in a single year *ever* is less than 2500, and over the last couple decades it’s averaging less than 1000 per year. It’s safer to fly across the ocean in a goddamn airplane that it is to take a motherfucken bath.


  1. mytchondria says

    But they were white and affluent. I think you are missing the depth of the tragedy. Send flowers.

  2. Trebuchet says

    CNN is in “all plane crash, all day long” mode, except for a brief mention of Ted Cruz going on Obamacare. Probably won’t last as long as their MH370 coverage, however. That was months.

  3. eeke says

    I am not convinced by total numbers that travel by plane is safer than a bath. You are not correcting for traffic. I would need to know how many planes flew vs how many crashed. How many estimated cars on the road vs fatal crashes. There are also political implications for plane crashes, such as the fuckin Russians shooting down a Dutch commercial airliner.

  4. Trebuchet says

    @3: That would be a Maylasian airliner, unless there’s some other incident I’m not aware of. Oh, and deliberate acts — missiles, bombs, suicidal pilot (as appears to be the case in the current event) or terrorism aren’t counted in the safety statistics.

  5. eeke says

    Trebuchet, yes you’re right. Sorry – it was the Maylasian airliner flying from the Netherlands.

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