Extreme Right-Wing Filth Getting What They Want: Religious Lunatics Undermining Nuclear Negotiations To Help Encourage Holy War

From Bloomberg:

“It’s possible to reach an agreement, and there is nothing that cannot be resolved,” Rouhani was quoted as saying. “The coming days or weeks will be very tough as taking the final step is always somewhat difficult.”

Still, Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech marking the Persian New Year that the U.S. had “cheated” during the negotiations and that the world powers’ proposal of reducing sanctions only in the months following any potential agreement would be a deal-breaker.
He said the crowd in the city of Mashhad, some of whom shouted “Death to America,” was right to denounce the U.S. and accused it of trying to divide Iran’s people and its government.

Hahahahahah! You probably thought this post was gonna be about *our* USian jeezus freak right-wing religious fanatic Senators undermining negotiations by undercutting the authority of our President to negotiate, right? Fooled you! It’s about *their* Iranian mohammed freak right-wing religious fanatic Ayatollahs undermining negotiations by undercutting the authority of their President to negotiate. Ironic that these extreme right-wing religious authoritarian loons
in Iran are *exactly* the same as the extreme right-wing religious
authoritarian loons we’ve got here, except for different dumshitte
fake fantasy supernatural bullshittio. And in both countries, they’ve
got the large majority of normal non-delusional people that just want to live decent reality-based lives by the fucken ballz. I bet, without knowing anything about it, that in Iran it’s super rich motherfuckers who benefit from keeping the poor stupid delusional religious fuckewittes under their thumb and agitating for their rich motherfucker interests, just like here in the US. Ted Cruz and the Ayatollah Khomeini are brothers in motherfucken arms.


  1. Stephen Strange says

    The similarities run deep. The rural Republican numb nut is virtually identical to the Quran clasping Iranian values voter, I’d bet. For the “real Americans” that vote for so-called conservatives, US exceptionalism is a critical mind turd because without it, these parallels would be glaring. I worry that the rise of a US Taliban is no joke and is happening in our faces: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/battle-over-science-funding-gets-fiercer-in-u-s-congress/
    Cruz is the chair of the fukken (sp?) Senate Science Committee and announced his bid for presidency at at so-called University that denies evolution, but believes that the return of Jesus is imminent. Yikes.

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