Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Refusing To Raise Taxes On Rich People In Louisiana Even If The ONLY FUCKEN DENTAL SCHOOL IN THE ENTIRE MOTHERFUCKEN STATE HAS TO CLOSE

At what point does this lunacy stop? When even rich people in Louisiana can’t find a goddamn dentist to pull their suppurating teeth in excruciating pain?

While he called the current proposal “a bad budget for higher education,” he said the situation would be devastating if the Legislature were to turn down the tax credit changes and fix the deficit on cuts alone. In that case, Mr. Alexander said, thousands of classes would have to be canceled, the state’s sole dentistry school and as many as half of the agriculture centers would have to close.


  1. david says

    They don’t need a dental school. Amos 4:6 – “And I also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities”

  2. Trebuchet says

    Jindal is destroying the economy of Louisiana. Brownback has destroyed the economy of Kansas. Walker has destroyed the economy of Wisconsin. Somewhere, David Stockman is laughing hysterically.

  3. says

    When even rich people in Louisiana can’t find a goddamn dentist to pull their suppurating teeth in excruciating pain?

    Don’t be silly. The rich people will just get their work done out of state.

  4. says

    My entire extended family lives in New Orleans. As you might know, the public school system there was (for all purposes) destroyed by Katrina and the political fuckery afterwards. My brother has two daughters, one four now and one seven. The lunacy he and his wife have had to go through, trying to get them into a *public* elementary school in the city is not to be believed.

    My mother pretends — as many upper class rich New Orleans natives do — that this is a vast improvement over the public school system that formerly existed. (Never whispering why, though all of them *know* why.)

    But in fact the public school system that had grown up in New Orleans now is a warped and broken mess. All schools are charter schools, and to get into one you need luck plus political favoritism plus the bucks to buy into a neighborhood where a school happens to have an open seat.

    My brother & SIL — for instance — had to move out of their house and rent an apartment in a neighborhood within the district where a school had an open seat.

    The alternative was driving their child across the river to a school in Algiers which also had an open seat (about an hour’s commute each way) and that was *if* the school would take her, which they didn’t have to do, given she was out of parish. But this school was desperate, since no one wanted to drive across the river (rush hour traffic) so.

    This year, they’re doing the same dance with the four year old (who does not automatically get accepted to her sister’s school).

    This is the world the Republicans want — privatize the school system, this is what we’ll have.

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