Failed Drug Policies Lead To Overdoses

Some kiddes at Wesleyan who ODed thought they were getting MDMA, but they weren’t:

Authorities say the drug was presented as Molly, a popular name for the euphoria-inducing stimulant MDMA, but was likely cut with other designer drugs.

If they could have obtained pure MDMA of a known dose, none of this would have happened.


  1. Sam N says

    I’d feel better if MDMA were available at drug stores for adults over 18, with full warnings of side effects, safe doses, and emergency management, and taxed to support drug abuse prevention and treatment. Same certainly goes for cannabis and psychedelics. But what about more potently addictive drugs, cocaine or methamphetamine? Badly cut stimulants, or inclusion of designer drugs are certainly worse for addicts because they may binge on them anyway, with potentially very unpleasant outcomes. But the fact that they’re unpleasant makes them less likely to induce addictive behavior, no? Sort of like there’s a reason we don’t bother tightly controlling the sale of nutmeg…

  2. says

    Lives could be saved the USA followed the steps of Portugal and decriminalized or legalized the drugs, oversaw safe manufacturing, directed drug users to clinics with doctors and nurses who could administer the drugs and advise on their effects. Portugal saw a huge decline in drug use and drug deaths when it decriminalized and changed from a criminal model to a medical model.

    I did ecstasy in the 1990s, when it was a “pure” power that was snorted, and it had wonderful effects with no bad side effects. It’s changed so much since then, and this “Molly” stuff is not the same. I worry for today’s experimenting youth. Surely we as a society can make it safer for those who are going to use no matter what. Drug use and addiction is a medical issue, not a criminal issue, and should be treated as such. It worked in Portugal.

  3. Sam N says

    I don’t deny that cannabis, MDMA, LSD, DMT, and other drugs are capable of causing substantial harm. Just like alcohol and cigarettes can cause harm. I’m no happier that a teenager would smoke weed daily than that they would be drinking alcohol daily. But given the liberty vs safety tradeoff we have already made with regards to alcohol, I would group these substances as being reasonable to legalize. And reasonable to tax. Throw that money toward education about their harms and toward prevention and rehabilitation of drug abuse.

    DrugMonkey, maybe you have a compelling argument that MDMA or LSD are too dangerous to allow adults to make that decision? I feel like a compelling case can be made with cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin given their strongly addictive natures. Although, I would still be in favor of decriminalization of the drug use. Really, I don’t know the best policies and am open to thoughts on the subject. Links welcome.

  4. DrugMonkey says

    None of those things have anything to do with the comment I addressed Sam N.

    I do not comment on policy implications here, I comment on the assertion that MDMA, but really [insert Drug X], is harmless. And provide the citations that reinforce my comment. Past that, I am not in the business of making anyone drink the water they have been led to. Like that epic dumasse CPP, for example.

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