Japanese Translation Needed (UPDATED)

This is a picture of a packet of ground pepper that I am trying to find available for purchase on the Internet. Can someone tell me exactly what it says on the package?


UPDATE: Turns out this is a proprietary spice mix called Kuro Shichimi, and is made only by a centuries-old spice shop in Kyoto:


Now trying to figure out how to fucken buy some on the Internet. There is a Japanese store here that has it, but it doesn’t look like they will ship internationally:



  1. M can help you with that. says

    Maybe a kanji-by-kanji lookup? The last two characters in the middle are 七味, so I’d assume it’s a brand of shichimi/seven-spice powder, but that’s as far as I can go.

  2. Brady Duga says

    I can’t help with an exact translation, but I think this is sidewise. I think the text in what should be the upper right just says it is a registered trademark. The text in what would be the lower left comes out as “Gion HaraRyoKaku” or maybe “GionBara RyoKaku”. Yeah, not helpful. But searching for the text “祇園 原了郭” points me at http://www.hararyoukaku.co.jp/lineup/yakumi.html which looks about right.

  3. amallara says

    Roughly, it says it is black seven spices. No mention of pepper. It is sideways. The company is Gion Harayoukaku.

    Translated by my high school daughter!

  4. Nanani says

    As someone said, it reads “black seven spices”. In Japanese, “seven spices” is usually a blend of spices, so a blend of black spices is presumably what this is.

    The smaller text is hard to read though it seems to simply be the merchandiser’s name.

    – Professional Japanese-English translator (though not of food related stuff, usually) lurking on your blog

  5. Nanani says

    A little googling got me the manufacturer’s website pretty easily; This is what you seem to have

    The spices are White sesame seed, red chilli pepper, Japanese pepper (zanthoxyli fructus), green laver (seaweed), poppy seed, black sesame, and hemp seed.
    So, not actually a blend of what we’d call spices, after all. Seven flavours, mostly black.

    What are you making?

  6. Charles Sullivan says

    Uwajimaya might have it. They’re an Asian supermarket giant in the Pacific Northwest, and they have a strong emphasis on Japanese stuff. You can’t order from an online store, but you can email them, and if they have it they’ll mail it. At least that’s what the message below from their websites states:

    Unfortunately, our products are not available online. However, you may contact our shipping department at shipping@uwajimaya.com for mail orders.


  7. Kimpatsu says

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but here’s your answer:
    The right-hand inscription says “Registered trademark”
    Centre: Kuro shichimi (lit. “black 7 tastes”; shichimi is normally used to flavour noodles)
    Left: Gion Genryotei
    Gion is a region in Kyoto city; Gion Genryotei is the name of a company.
    –Kimpatsu, meaning “Blondie”, for all your Japanese translation needs…

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