Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Toddlers Grabbing Guns Out Of Their Mothers’ Purses And Shooting Their Felon Fathers In The Asse And Their Pregnant Mothers In The Shoulder While Pit Bulls Observe The Carnage

Responsible gun owners:

The woman told police she purchased the gun the day before the incident, Drobik said. The man is not legally allowed to have a firearm because he has previously been convicted of a felony crime.

The family, including a two-year-old girl and the children’s grandmother, had been living in an America’s Best Value Inn for about a week with their two pit bulls when the incident occurred.


  1. says

    If the father had been allowed to legally carry, he could have drawn down on the kid before it got a chance to fire, and saved the mother!!!!

    The family that gunfights together, um…

  2. Lithified Detritus says

    Following the shooting, the children were placed with child protective services for at least 48 hours. The dogs were taken by animal control staff.

    Hopefully much longer than 48 hours.
    Let’s see – 5 people & 2 pit bulls living in a motel room. Dad’s a felon, and Mom has an unsecured gun. Great environment for kids, right?

  3. Trebuchet says

    Holy crap!

    On another topic, I’m about to watch a major sporting event. “My” team is in it. The Yankees are not.

  4. Cashmoney says

    I can’t believe you repeat that anti-pitbull bias from the press. Those were probably papillons.

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