Hilarious Google Shittio

So Google Calendar has this new thing where it automatically adds events you receive via Gmail to your calendar, like plane or train tickets or whatever. (It’s fucken horrible that they turned this new fucken thing on automatically, and make you opt out by going to your Google Calendar settings, but whatever.) When it added the first event to my Google Calendar, it also sent me an automated notification e-mail that it was doing so, and included a link to the help page describing this new function.

And Gmail sent the goddamn automated e-mail from Google to fucken SPAM:

Why is this message in Spam? It contains content that’s typically used in spam messages.

You’d think Gmail’s spam filters would recognize official automated e-mails sent by Google itself as not spam.

Shitte Coverage Of Space Shittio

The landing team at mission control in Darmstadt had to sweat through a tense seven-hour wait that began when Philae dropped from the agency’s Rosetta space probe as both it and the comet hurtled through space at 41,000 mph (66,000 kph).

The beer-gathering team down at the deli had to sweat through a tense several seconds that began when Gomer reached for a beer in the fridge as both Gomer and the beer HURTLED THROUGH SPACE AT 1,339,200 MPH!!!11!!11!!!11!!! (the velocity of our galaxy relative to the universe)