Gnocchi With Shrimp Cream Sauce

1.5 pounds shrimp in the shell
500g package premade gnocchi (yeah, premade: fucke you)
half cup diced onion
olive oil
half cup dry white wine
crushed red pepper flakes
fresh-ground black pepper
chopped tarragon
quarter cup heavy cream
teaspoon or so corn starch


Shell and clean the shrimp, reserving the shells.




Premade gnocchi.


Start the shells simmering in water while you do the rest.


Sautee the shrimp until they are just barely cooked through, remove from the pan, and reserve.


Throw in the diced onions and some black and red pepper, and sautee until the onions are turning translucent but are not caramelizing.


Turn up the heat and deglaze with the wine.


When the alcohol is reduced away, strain in the shrimp broth and continue to simmer.


When it’s reduced down a bit, salt to taste, add the cream, and continue to simmer.


Throw in some tarragon while it simmers.


Throw the gnocchi in boiling salted water, and as soon as they float to the top, they’re done. This takes just a couple minutes.


While the gnocchi are boiling, throw the shrimp into the sauce, and add a little corn starch to thicken, if desired. Fish the gnocchi out of the boiling water with a strainer dealiebobber, add to the sauce, and finish briefly with gentle mixing. (Don’t strain the gnocchi by dumping them into a colander, as they will stick together.)




  1. blf says

    Feck the salt (not needed) and corn starch (ditto), and use yer favorite chilli rather than crushed red pepper flakes. I made a very similar dish a week-ish ago, albeit with tagliatelle, and some fresh jalapeños. I discarded the shells immediately, however, I’ll have to try the idea of using them for broth… Thanks!

  2. Martin, heading for geezerhood says

    You’re right…yummy it is! (I had to use coconut cream and not heavy cream because my daughter is lactose intolerant).

    Were your shrimp pre-cooked? They certainly look like it…pink with charred tails and some sort of saucy residue.

  3. Al Dente says

    Obviously you don’t know how to make gnocci. Not my fault you’re an incompetent fucking cook.

  4. Al Dente says


    3 lbs russet or other waxy potatoes
    2 cups flour
    1 large egg
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 cup super-extra virgin, raised in a convent olive oil (or whatever other oil you feel like using, canola or peanut oil is fine)

    Boil the whole potatoes until they are soft (about 45 minutes). While still warm, peel and pass through food mill onto cutting board or counter top.

    Set 6 quarts of water to boil in a large spaghetti pot. Set up ice bath with 6 cups ice and 6 cups water near boiling water.

    Make a well in center of potatoes and sprinkle all over with flour, using all the flour. Place egg and salt in center of well and using a fork, stir into flour and potatoes, just like making normal pasta. Once egg is mixed in, bring dough together, kneading gently until a ball is formed. Knead gently another 4 minutes until ball is dry to touch.

    Roll baseball-sized ball of dough into 3/4-inch diameter rods and cut rods into 1-inch long pieces. Flick pieces off of fork until rod is finished. Drop these pieces into boiling water and cook until they float (about 1 minute). Meanwhile, continue with remaining dough, forming rods, cutting into 1-inch pieces and flicking off of fork. As gnocchi float to top of boiling water, remove them to ice bath. Continue until all have been cooled off. Let sit several minutes in bath and drain. Toss with 1/2 cup oil and store covered in refrigerator up to 48 hours until ready to use. Gnocci don’t freeze particularly well.

    There are quite involved recipes for making gnocci, some include sacrificing a virgin gerbil to the potato gods, but making gnocci is not difficult nor, except for boiling the potatoes, particularly long.

  5. Raucous Indignation says

    We made this for Sunday dinner. My two year old daughter approves: “Yummy food! “

  6. weaver says

    Very surprised this recipe does not feature one fuckeload of garlic, placed in just as the onions start to turn translucent. I’d have thought that to be obligatory.

  7. Lady Scientist says

    Any recipes for mussels? I’m new to cooking with mussels, so I’m looking to try out some exciting new recipes. I did a quick search of your blog, and didn’t find any, so apologies if I missed recipes you’ve already published. Anything without non-seafood meats added for flavor, etc. would be appreciated (pescetarian).

  8. mytchondria says

    I made this over the weekend with a couple wee changes for lack of ingredients (and threw in sun dried tomato) but zOMG it was so good!! Better the next day even. I also cheated by not cooking the shells in the water but GertyZ tells me that is “making stock” and I’m a douche for not doing it. Well, she tells me I’m a douche a lot….

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