Ask Your Comradde: Most Amazing Risotto

Our correspondent asks:

Ok… In my freezer I have 4 kinds of homemade stock–beef, chicken, duck, and lobster. Currently, they are all slated to be wonderful risotto at some point, thanks to your recipes.

If my non-tenure-track-job depended on me cooking the right thing for the department chair, and possibly a dean, should I go with risotto? If so, what kind? Nothing poisonous, mind you… Or should I cook it for the union rep? Or what?

Here’s what I would do. Use the lobster stock to make a very simple risotto with nothing in the sofritto but some shallots, adding a little bit of saffron when you deglaze with the wine (or use vermouth instead of white wine to make it even richer). Finish it with a modest amount of parmigiano reggiano.

Also make pan-seared scallops like this.

When everything is ready, plate the risotto in a wide shallow pasta bowl, arrange three or four scallops around the edge, serve it. And then at the table, drizzle a little teeny bit of cognac (or other sherry) on the risotto.


  1. flavia says

    Your correspondent needs to have also the homemade BBQ-aged Professor stock. That would make the most amazing risotto, especially with a mix of shredded Prof, the preferred seafood (lobster, shrimps or whatever) and then drizzling it with a tiny bit of bourbon.
    Enjoy ! hhhhhhh

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Italians know food, Chinese know economy. Acording to the World Bank, the Chinese economy passed the American in size , Monday the 29th (132 years after the American economy passed Britain´s).
    USA’s nominal GNP will remain higher for a few years, but since the Chinese currency is undervalued, the World Bank estimates the shift to Chinese economic supremacy took place Monday.
    “Nothing poisonous” -to enliven the meal, you should mix poison in one among ten thousand pepper bits, and mix so you don´t know which is which. This way, the meal gets much more exciting.

  3. Trebuchet says

    What, you expect to have a real life? Unheard of! Unacceptable! You should live to serve your readers! Preferably delicious Italian or Asian food.

  4. Al Dente says

    I missed this bit of misinformation:

    drizzle a little teeny bit of cognac (or other sherry)

    Cognac is a brandy, made by distilling wine. Sherry is a fortified wine, made by adding alcohol to wine. Cognac is not sherry.

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