Freakish Football Injuries

How the everloving fucke do you tear your triceps muscle? I am at a complete loss for any sort of movement or collision that could possibly overstretch the triceps, because with your elbow fully flexed, the triceps still has plenty of leeway.


  1. gingerest says

    Maybe the stress comes from one of the other points of insertion? Looking at the anatomy, if the arm is adducted and pinned crosswise under the body, you could put pressure on the long head where it inserts to the scapula. But I would think that would also strain the rear deltoid.

  2. Kevin Kehres says

    It’s actually a pretty common football injury, especially among offensive linemen. I’m thinking the violent act of being hit by a 300+ pounder with as much ferocity as he can muster, along with the rules that require you to only have your hands and arms in certain positions (otherwise it’s a holding penalty) adds up to torn triceps.

  3. Raucous Indignation says

    I knew a veterinarian who had the lateral head of her triceps torn out when a horse reared up. Her arm just happened to have been most of the way up the horse’s rectum.

  4. mytchondria says

    What David said….common ‘blocking’ injury. I did this once (not football). Small tear hurt like a motherfuckker and I held a pen in my injured arm which I could only hold at a 90 degree angle for about a week. I felt like Bob Dole.

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