1. Sxydocma1 says

    Sea robins are terrifying. When I lived on Long Island, I would see them in the Sound all the time.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    The brown-spotted walrus is, despite its size, a skilled aviator. During fall thousands gather for their southerly migration along the European coast, where walrus droppings is a common sight.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    The song of the Scandinavian Land Robyn is often heard in discoteques and other leks*.
    *sites of mating dance display

  4. flavia says

    This morning there was a discussion on public national radio on Optimism. A reporter asked people on the street: Are you optimistic?. The answers went from yes and no with a variety of whys. Then the reporter wanted to know the answer from children. He asked several boys: Are you optimistic?.
    Boy #1: No, because i have to go to school ( standard answer)
    Boy #2: No, ’cause my mom says that I always get home from school with a very dirty uniform ( standard answer).
    Boy 3: Yes, ’cause I think there are many interesting things to do and some people are lot of fun (standard answer).
    Then the reporter turned to a little girl and asked: How about you?. How old are you?. She answered: Four. And the reporter then asked: Are you optimistic?. And the girl responded: NO, I am Elisabeth.
    That was the cutest answer I ever heard to a very difficult question. Of course, she had to be a girl.

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