1. Brian Ogilvie says

    It’s hard to beat, but a martini with Martin Miller’s gin and the right amount of vermouth (not too dry) might tie, as could a Negroni, when you need something more bitter than sweet.

  2. says

    Yes. The Negroni. But a good Manhattan is a close second or third.

    (Aha, see that Brian beat me to it! I also like a really dry martini with a twist. I think we could all drink quite companionably together.)

  3. sailor1031 says

    There is. A perfectly balanced martini made with Sapphire gin, Noilly Prat vermouth, lovingly shaken with ice and two drops of Isle of Jura scotch.

  4. Martin, heading for geezerhood says

    I am of the opinion that if your liquor needs something other than ice, water or seltzer to make it palatable then it probably isn’t worth drinking.

  5. Kim says

    Fuckke, aren’t all manhattans rye??? I suddenly have a queasy vertiginous feeling, almost as if the ComProffe is not after all to be relied on like air and gravity.

  6. says

    Yes. A well made Brandy Old Fashioned. Which you won’t find outside of Wisconsin. I know most of you are coastal (as am I these days), but surely you must hit Madison occasionally on the conference circuit.

  7. cookingwithsolvents says

    I am partial to rusty nails and vodka martini’s when the mood strikes but a proper old fashioned still wins for my ‘favorite’ cocktail. Not a true cocktail but a proper dark n stormy is truly, truly a delightful summer, winter, whenever drink, too. I recommend using white rum and your own dosing of molasses w/ muddled ginger plus club soda but the kracken plus good ginger beer (e.g. cock ‘n bull) is good too.

  8. Sam N says

    @9, Kim, depending on location whiskey type may very well need to be specified–most bars that don’t adhere to high standards will put in anything. And I think Canadians will regularly use the rye that ain’t.

    As for cocktails, maybe I’ve just had better luck with Sazeracs lately. Love all the whisky cocktails so long as they’re light on the sugar, the Rye Manhattan is definitely a top choice if I have confidence in the bartender. But if I’m looking to get wasted nothing beats a few Martinis, dry and slightly dirty. And being in the Southwest, I love a Margarita lovingly made from fresh-squeezed limes in a locale where the sun is shining. Save the whiskey for dark places.

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