Question For Readers About Web Business Models

We are a social media agency offering content marketing and native advertising at scale.

We use proprietary technology to connect brands with our vetted network of 6,683 social media influencers. Our influencers create authentic, compelling, awesome branded content across social media channels. From blogs to Pinterest, Twitter to Instagram, our campaigns are scalable, measurable, and drive business results.
We solve the big Content Problem.

Brands are moving from display advertising to content marketing strategies, because good sponsored content can improve click-through rates 300 to 400 percent. But brand marketers have a major challenge: they can’t scale native advertising.

Native advertising is ad content that is original, non-intrusive (because it’s produced by the publisher), and platform-specific. But? Building great content that compels and engages audiences is time- and labor-intensive. What works on one channel for one publisher will not work for others.

“The big problem with a native-type format is that it’s not scalable for brands. The Web is premised on a create-once-run-everywhere necessity.” Digiday

How do we solve it?

Clever Girls uses an advanced and proprietary system to create great content, across social channels, at scale. Brands no longer have to work with individual publishers, one-by-one, to develop native content. Instead, brands can partner with CGC on a fee-for-service basis and activate hundreds of publishers at once, generating volumes of reusable, brand-safe but original content that reaches millions of targeted consumers.

Agency Infrastructure & Service
Highly Engaged & Vetted Network of 6,683 Social Influencers
Robust Technology: Platform & Tools

Anyone capable of translating this gibberish into a plain English description of what the fucke this company actually does?

Am I understanding correctly that basically they have swarms of douches on retainer that they pay to spam comments on Twitter, Faceshitte, Poopterest, Instashitte, and blogges floggeing whatever crappe their clients are trying to sell?


  1. 5Up Mushroom says

    Better yet, then a team of douche-nozzles being paid to spam websites on your behalf, they probably just outsource it to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This is a great way to get your site ranked so low on Google that noone will ever find you.

  2. Trebuchet says

    You’ve received classic SEO spam, of the sort to which Ken White is so fond of responding. Tell them to snort your taint. Also, ponies.

  3. quixote says

    I think you got it right except for the “on retainer” part. Isn’t “fee for service” more like two cents per drivel? Piecework, rather than X amount paid per whenever regardless of exactly what you did. So, even worsse.

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