1. Trebuchet says

    Greta Christina hasn’t been giving us catte pictures lately. Thank you for taking up the slack! You and Dana Hunter both. Your kitty is adorable. Not as adorable as my two, but adorable nonetheless.

  2. Alverant says

    That looks a lot alike my cat Pepi except she has a bigger white spot below her throat when she sits like that. Plus she’s bigger.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    That looks a lot like the black cat adopted by Bob Howard in the latest “Laundry” novel by Charles Stross.
    Question: Are any Soul Eaters or Elder Gods active in PhysioProffe’s neighbourhood?
    — — — —
    Young cats often get hyperactive when lights go out, thinking it is time to go massacre small mammals. Mine starts running around the apartment ca. 23 -24.

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