Funny Shittio

While the usual is that badde shitte makes it hard to concentrate on difficult intellectual work–like drafting manuscripts and grants–I just found out some awesome fucken shitte, and it is making it hard to concentrate. Every time I try to get to work, a voice pops into my head and says, “Hey, fucke this painful difficult work: AWESOME FUCKEN SHITTE!!!!11!!!11!!11!!


  1. flavia says


    It seems that PP is kind of reserved and only shares shit about Republicans shit or lovely cats or wonderful dishes.

  2. gingerest says

    You found awesome fucken shitte and are not sharing? Given the awful fucken shitte that is *still* *happening* *after DAYS* in Ferguson I really need you to share your funny shitte. (I mean, the state-sanctioned slaughter of unarmed Black teens by a police force tasked above all with protecting white people from their own racist fears is not new and continues unabated all over the US, but the mass denial of basic freedoms from an entire neighborhood in the interest of protecting property is really grinding my heart into dust.)

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