Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Homeggrown USAian Gunne Nutte Jihadists

These motherfucken gunne nuttes are a fucken disaster. Don’t these fuckers get that they are vastly much more like the Islamic jihadists they supposedly hate than they are like normal decent Americans?

(1) hate women: CHECK
(2) hate other religions: CHECK
(3) hate the duly constituted government and seek its overthrow: CHECK
(4) hate non-cisheterosexuals: CHECK
(5) armed to the motherfucken hilt and fetishize guns: CHECK
(6) near-illiterate: CHECK
(7) hate science or other approaches to actual reality: CHECK
(8) fundamentalist theocrats: CHECK
(9) deep-seated racial hatred: CHECK

Am I missing anything?


  1. Alverant says

    Sense of entitlement: Check
    Thinks their god is on their side: Check
    Willing to let other people die for their cause: Check
    Cowards who refuse to live in the 21st century: Check

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Yeah, but you forgot, this is a Real American (TM), not one of those librul UnAmericans you find in the Traitor States (East coast and California).

  3. Trebuchet says

    (1) hate women: CHECK

    Some of them ARE women. (e.g. Sarah Palin) But the point still applies.

  4. K says

    A political ad I wish a candidate would air:

    “Let’s talk demographics. America is a diverse country.

    “Thirteen percent of us are black. Seventy-two percent of us are white. Five percent of us are Asian. One percent of us belong to the very first Americans. .2 percent of us are native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders. Sixteen percent of people have Hispanic heritage. And nine percent of us identify with more than one of these categories.

    “Sixteen percent of us are not religious. 78.5 percent of us are members of a Christian denomination. Two percent of us are Jewish. .7 percent of us are Buddhist. .6 percent of us are Muslim. .4 percent of us are Hindu. One percent of us practice yet another religion.

    “Four percent of us identify as a member of a sexual or gender minority. Thirty-three percent of us have a college education or higher. Twenty-five percent of us make less than $22500 a year.

    “We are truly a nation of individuals from many backgrounds, all of whom are here to find our own American Dream. We have a long history where our nation has grown to embrace the reality that it takes all kinds to make a nation. We have made mistakes. But we have done much to rectify them, and still do so today.

    “Why, then does my opponent want to make our nation anything but a nation of all kinds?

    (Insert clips of opponent at things like Christian Dominionist conventions and saying nasty things about women and gays and black people and others)

    “This is not what our nation was built to be.

    “Vote so-and-so for so-and-so on Election Day.”

  5. Peter Mullen says

    Is compassion the territory of fools?
    Is there such a thing as morality for an atheist?
    Is the concept of love, an illusion?
    Is friendliness, and a jolly happy attitude the sign of insanity, and the sign of a fool, or a thief with ulterior motives, is it ever sincere, innocent, or is it insanity?
    What happened before the big bang, before matter, and before anti matter, before light, before gravity,before expansion?
    When one goes to the farthest reaches of space in the 3 dimensional world, to the farthest distance viewable by the greatest telescope, beyond the most sophisticated mathematical calculation of space time?
    What exists in that place, that time, that dimension, does it exist outside the foggy imagination of the human organism?
    These are Just rhetorical questions that every serious thinker ponders, for which I have only conjecture to reply.
    I do know this however. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. Republicans, conservatives, tea baggers are the lowest life forms on the planet, and the most dangerous viral threat to humanity since the evolution of small pox, or the bubonic plague. They have absolutely “raped” me, my heritage my family, my national identity, my view of life, and humanity, utterly raped, and destroyed, in the most heinous way imaginable without exaggeration. I have nothing but intense seething all consuming unmitigated pure hatred, for all things Republican, right wing, and every insane psychotic barbaric thing they stand for. They should be utterly isolated from the sane members of society. They should be completely banned from holding any sort of position of authority, from congress, to school crossing guard, from school board member, to bathroom monitor, and for God dam sure never in the the God dam white house, or any governors office ever period. I’m about at the point that I think they should be quarantined somewhere where they can’t do any more damage. The bottom of the ocean was a thought, but they would just poison it. Perhaps a rocket aimed directly at the sun would do. That way they won’t be able to recombine into something even worse.

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