1. Trebuchet says

    Stuffe I’ve said before, but may as well say again:
    Main page sorted by topic suckes.
    For blogges allowing threaded comments, indent and number replies, like before.
    Provide a login box on the main page.
    Give me a way to find my own recent comments.
    The “hand” logo makes little or no sense to me. Give us a catte or something. All cats are atheists. Or autotheists.

  2. eeke says

    I agree that the logo sucks. Is the left hand supposed to signify that this is a left-wing site?

  3. danzig says

    – General listing of all blog posts on the front page. Preferably pageable in some way.

    – Comment window that expands in height so you don’t have to scroll would be nice.

    – More horizontal padding for “Post comment” and “Preview” buttons. Remove padding from the first checkbox after the preview button.

    – Don’t display text on top of image backgrounds. It’s hard to read and looks awful. I’m mainly thinking of the next/previous links and the text ads. It looks even worse on the custom backgrounds.

    – Am I the only one who finds most of the custom background images ugly and distracting? It’s even worse for the fixed backgrounds. I can understand wanting to give bloggers a personalized space but the custom ones always look worse than the subtle default background pattern.

    – Found some weird HTML in the blogroll dropdown.
    A Million Gods

    Viewed on a small screen:

    – Like half the screen shows menus and logos before the actual content is displayed. Perhaps you could make the logo and the custom image display side by side like on big screens and combine both of the menus to save space.

    – Better usage of screen space. Too many margins and too much padding makes the text span more lines than it needs to. For certain screen sizes it might be better to ditch the background entirely and just display the content.

  4. danzig says

    Of course the weird HTML is not displaying correctly. I’ll try again:

    <option value="">A Million Gods</a></li>

  5. Martin, heading for geezerhood says

    1) The posts by topic home page is useless. Please return to the latest posts by blog or at least make that a secondary home page or user preference.
    2) Site wide login (for all blogs) on the home page.
    3) Some blogs have background colors that hide the next/previous post links. (Pharyngula is one)
    4) Put copies of the next/previous post links before and after the post AND after the comments.
    5) Allow use of UL and OL tags in comments.
    6) Allow different comment views: Oldest first, Newest first, Threaded
    7) Editable comments (up to 5-10 minutes after posting)
    8) On my iPad in letter orientation, actual content is less than 1/2 screen width.

  6. Martin, heading for geezerhood says

    What are you using as a date/time reference? Samoa? Currently it’s August 4th at 12:10 EDT…this will post at August 5th at 06:10.

  7. Raucous Indignation says

    Love what you’ve done with the placee. Who wanted all the blog banners on the home pagee? That madee finding your favoritee blog too eeasy. What you have know is so, so much betterre. Keep up the shittio work.

    PS A hand print does not relate to freethought in any real way, you realize that?

  8. Alverant says

    Go back to showing the latest blog posts covering the whole site and not just an individual blog. The only way I knew about your pulled pork recipe is by going to your blog and not seeing a link to it when I check out PZ’s. It’s cross promotional.

    I paid to be ad free. That should include ads for events.

  9. Steve P says

    I used to be able to read the desktop version on a mobile device. Can’t find a way of doing it now.

  10. Alverant says

    This may not be easily done, but is there a way to put how many new posts a blogger made in the past day instead of that red arrow beside their names?

  11. Trebuchet says

    I thought I posted a few minutes ago about suddenly having an avatar. But it’s not here. For now, I’ll blame my ISP since they’re having problems. For which they’re sending a technician tomorrow to diagnose a problem with their DNS server because the tech support person on the phone doesn’t understand the concept of “the problem is at YOUR end”.

    Anyhow, it now appears the new avatar is only at CPP’s page. Cool.

  12. lochaber says

    Aesthetically, I kinda like the site so far. Not that I thought the old one was bad, or anything.

    I’ve got mixed feelings about the new main page categories. In some ways, it might help get the less followed blogs a bit more attention, but it also means the less-active ones get drowned out by the really active ones.

    I did like the old format, where you got to see the newest 2-3 posts of each blog. Would there be a way to provide multiple versions of a main page, maybe sortable by a pull-down tab to select whether to show the newest posts by blog, category, or something else?

  13. Trebuchet says

    The new front page doesn’t work. (I think I’m repeating myself here.)

    A suggestion:
    Return to the old arrangement of sorting by blogges EXCEPT instead of sorting by join date (the old way) or alphabetically, sort by most recent post. The blogges with the most recent content float to the top, the inactive ones sink to the bottomme. That would work for me.

  14. Sunday Afternoon says

    Needs an author by-line just below the title. For group blogs (eg: Atheist Experience), having the by-line only at the end of the post is not good.

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