The Good: I saw all the way up my dickhole and into my bladder on teevee, like journey to the center of the earth.

The Bad: A dude stuck a fucken probe with a camera and a light on the end all the way up my dickhole and into my bladder. When I saw the probe as the nurses were prepping, I was all thinking, “That must be the thing that they plug the narrower thing into that goes up my dickhole.” So I go, “So, where’s the narrower thing that the doc is gonna plug into that thing?”, and the nurses were all like, “HAHAHAHAH. That’s what’s going in.”


  1. robert48 says

    What a whiner!, Be happy that you’re ok and do not need enhancers and won’t need them for the rest of your life. Whiner111111111

  2. Gilgamecha42 says

    The Good: the belly laugh that ensued while reading this.
    The Bad: you’re supposed to have a Ph.D and this is how you describe a cystoscopy. There are people struggling to put food on the table and you actually get paid for this shit. Fucke.

  3. Al Dente says

    Hey, at least you didn’t have a colonoscopy where the worst part is the chemically induced diarrhea.

  4. says

    Yawn…done that something like 15 times, since 1984. Beats having bladder cancer, which is what they found the first time. Count yourself lucky if you don’t get THAT diagnosis.

  5. Thorne says

    Yeah, my first one came up with bladder cancer, too. Nothing like having a peach-sized tumor extracted through your dickhole.

  6. Trebuchet says

    @7: You’ve just made my willy scream out in pain. It was bad enough having a catheter when I was in the hospital.

  7. samuelsson says

    Everything will be fine PP. And, surely, the best medicine for minor ailments is to take a well deserved vacation with Physiowife. Here, and since we are lucky to be retired, we are starting today our summer vacation to the beach. We’ll be away from the city until September. Take care.

  8. Mytchondria says

    You have quite the following interested in your junk, CPP. Less risotto. More dick.

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