Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Unfettered Fracking Breaking The Crust Of The Earth In Subhuman Right-Wing Scumbagge Epicenter North Texas

Thirty-four motherfucken quakes in three months in an area of North Texas that hasn’t felt a tremor in years.


  1. Trebuchet says

    And more in Oklahoma as well. What the frack!

    On the other hand, describing the residents of the area as “Subhuman Right-Wing Scumbagge”s is a shit move. You should be ashamed of yourselfe.

  2. Ed says


    I’m torn between agreeing with you that it was a tasteless message and seeing a certain poetic justice if in fact the residents of the afflicted area believed in the “nothing can damage the environment, it’s protected by magic” rigbt wing dogma. But then there would have to have been some dissenters as well as innocent children.

  3. Trebuchet says

    @2, Ed (I assume not Brayton):
    I understand. I have no trouble considering the frackers, Koch bros., Koch wannabees, and the politicians they’ve bought as scumbagges. The local residents, who may or may not believe their crap, and who may well be relatively poor, superstitious, and uneducated, don’t deserve it. At least not as a blanket statement.

  4. Ed says

    Not Ed Brayton, no. :)

    It is shocking how much ignorance about environental issues and science in general is spread around. It`s a sort of active ignorance as oppose to the mere lack of knowledge. There are a lot of things I know hardy anything about, but I don’t have a head full of “alternative” models based on whatever demagogues pound into me. The people who profit most from it probably own property somewhere they haven’t destroyed yet.

    Not watching much crackpot TV helps. My work has Fox News on in the break room, though, all day long and its against the rules to change the channel. So I have to drink my coffee either with that brain melting death ray disguised as programming blasting me, or at my desk where it looks like I’m slacking off or in the smoking area where I’d be tempted to smoke.

    I don’t get the reasoning behind mandatory Fox. Are they afraid that without it keeping us from getting comortable, liberals will waste too much time? But then aren’t conservatives tempted to sneak down and watch their favorite witch doctors all the time? But I guess they’re moral because they know God is watching them.

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