Health Insurance Stock Photo Absurdity

What fucken relationship does the portrayed emotional state of this stock photo woman have to the actual emotional state of anyone ever in the history of forever who is looking at their “Explanation of Benefits”?



  1. eeke says

    Seems to me that it implies you should make sure that you’re drunk before proceeding.

  2. Mytchondria says

    That’s an insurance exec taking a vacation on your dime. Now go refilled your claim in triplicate with the other form. No, the other, other form…

  3. Trebuchet says

    Apparently, if you have Aetna, you can claim a happy young woman for your very own. How the PhysioSpouse will take that, I couldn’t say.

  4. Trebuchet says

    And I just saw “What’s your Healthy”! Seriously, Aetna, get a new ad agency.

  5. Chebag says

    Because you get the OxyContin first and only then figure out if it is covered ?

  6. says

    Really? It’s “Kick back, relax, enjoy life. We’ve got this.” Which is largely bullshit.

    I’m also enjoying* the recent spate of healthcare marketing-speak using transformations of the word health. I thought healthing was great, but What is your healthy may be my new love.

    *this is also a lie

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