Diet Coke Flavor Different?

In the last few weeks, my local deli has started stocking 20 oz bottles of Diet Coke with expiration dates of late July and early August. Am I losing my mind, or have they just changed the flavor a little bit? To me these newest batches taste kind of more citrusy or something. Any Diet Coke drinkers out there noticed this at all?


  1. Alverant says

    Sorry, I’ve been moving away from drinking soda. It’s too expensive. I still get some when there’s a really good sale ($1 or less/2L), but there hasn’t been one for Diet Coke for a while.

  2. carlie says

    I haven’t noticed any difference, but I may be on older batches than what you got.

  3. mig06 says

    I haven’t noticed any difference in taste. I don’t drink much soda, but when I do it’s Diet Coke only. There are however lemon (or lime) Diet Cokes out there…

  4. Trebuchet says

    I don’t always drink flavored water sweetened with chemicals, but when I do, I prefer Diet Coke.

    I am…. the least interesting man in the world.

  5. Scully says

    Last night, I had my diet coke, and all was well. Then today, I got one out of the fountain, and it tasted really sweet. I thought that maybe they used coke syrup instead of DC syrup. Then, I opened a 20oz bottle, and the same thing…..this could be the end of the world!

  6. Chebag says

    Your body is a temple…just say no to that artificial chemical poison “diet” soda. HFCS or go home.

  7. Ichthyic says

    I notice coke manufactured in New Zealand definitely has a much heavier citrus taste than that in the States.

    also, it just taste better in general because it’s made with sugar instead of corn syrup.

    amazing what a difference that makes.


    check where the coke you are buying now is manufactured. maybe your store is using a different supplier?

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