1. Alverant says

    Yep, you know you can trust a place that says it’s REAL. /s
    (No offense intended. I hope it was good. I just expect a better name like Thai-roid or Mai Thai (a real place in my town) or even Thai My Shoes.)

  2. wtfwhateverd00d says

    You come off like a truly privileged asshole by posting your mobile phone thai takeout orders. Seriously dude, total fucketard land.

  3. rq says

    Basically, what you’re saying is, there are places in the world where I never ever ever have to leave my house… Not even for take-out Thai.

  4. Alverant says

    #3 and 4
    Oh get bent. Most phone can do what he did and if you live in an urban are like NYC, SF, you’re going to be able to get delivery. There’s nothing wrong about what he did, just the restaurant for picking a lame name.

  5. =8)-DX says

    The name is appropriate, in backwards countries like mine, we have mostly Fake Thai/Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese Takeaways.

  6. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    All well and good, but as I live within 5 minutes walk of multiple Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Carribean, pizza and kebab joints I have no need for delivery.

    Unless it’s raining.

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