Casarecchia With Shrimp, Saffron, Serrano Pepper

half pouund casarecchia
1.25 pounds shrimp in shells
black pepper
dried dill
dried basil
one serrano pepper
pinch of saffron
half cup dry white wine
six large garlic cloves, diced
olive oil
parmigiano reggiano


Remove the shrimp from the shells.


Simmer the shells in two cups salted water for ten minutes.


Strain out the shells, return the broth to the pot, turn up the heat, and crumble in a small pinch of saffron.


Boil until it’s reduced down to about a half cup or less, and reserve.


Remove the shrimp “veins”, and cut into bite-size pieces.


Sautee the shrimp with a little salt and pepper until they are just barely finished, and reserve.


Sautee the garlic with some dill and basil in the shrimpy olive oil until it is getting soft.


Add the diced serrano (keep the seeds if you like it pretty hot, otherwise remove the seeds) and sautee until they are getting soft.


Deglaze with the white wine and reduce a bit.


Add the saffron shrimp broth and continue to reduce until it’s kind of thick.


While you are reducing the sauce, boil the casarecchia in salted water. When they are very molto al dente, add a cup or so of the pasta water to the sauce, raise the heat to medium/medium-high, add the drained pasta, and finish for a minute or two, adding salt if necessary.


When it’s almost done, add the shrimp and continue finishing until they are hot.


Serve with some grated parmigiano reggiano.

Diet Coke Flavor Different?

In the last few weeks, my local deli has started stocking 20 oz bottles of Diet Coke with expiration dates of late July and early August. Am I losing my mind, or have they just changed the flavor a little bit? To me these newest batches taste kind of more citrusy or something. Any Diet Coke drinkers out there noticed this at all?