Jeremy Berg, President of American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bloggeing at Scientopia

He is now bloggeing at Scientopia on biomedical research policy, and he was also director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences at NIH for a number of years.


  1. wtfwhateverd00d says

    what the fuckenneeee fuckeee? you’re on the righte side of the screene?

    did some other ftber get kicked to the curbeee?

    what di dyou screwups do this timee?

  2. says

    ^ Voluntary separation. Chris Rodda didn’t like that people disagreed with her claim that calling someone an atheist is a form of libel (I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know which side was right; I’d certainly hope it isn’t libel, though). Argument was almost entirely civil (with two exceptions, IIRC), but she decided to pack up and leave after that. A shame, really, since the MRFF as an organization is pretty much universally supported here.

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