Taught The Kindergartners Today!

So I taught the kindergarten class today. I ended up teaching them some functional anatomy of a particular type of animal, using a coolio plastic model that you can disassemble into all of the main internal and external organs. They really loved it, and had lots of questions.

The funny thing was that there were two types of questions that were exactly the same as the two types of questions you get at academic seminars: actual questions versus “let me tell you this thing I thought/did that is only tangentially (if at all) relevant to your presentation”.

Anyway, it was really fun, although I was much more nervous than when giving an academic presentation, even ones in front of hundreds of people. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions!


  1. carlie says

    Sounds like a blast! It is kind of adorable how people never grow out of the “let me tell you this thing I thought” phase, and how much it sounds the same coming from kindergarteners to emeritus faculty…

  2. Trebuchet says

    Congrats! In honor of PZ, I’d hope you had a model of a zebrafish, but that’s probably too much to ask.

  3. Lithified Detritus says

    Glad it went well. Working with kids can be rewarding, and risk taking/going outside your comfort zone is an important part of good teaching. Every time I use a newly developed lesson plan, there is an element of terror. I’ve been known to elevate that by inviting my principal to observe on those days. Keeps me on my game.

  4. says

    When I presented at Minis pre-k with a grad student, a teacher said “so what do you do when an experiment doesn’t work? Do you cry or keep trying”.
    I stiffled a laugh and made my grad student (who was known to cry) answer. She lied to those tots with a straight face.

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