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What’s the best Honeymooners episode of all time? Opine in the comments.

My vote is for when Ralph forbids Alice from keeping the puppy she brought home from the pound, so she makes him take it back. He gradually realizes what happens to the puppies that don’t get adopted, and ends up returning home with dozens of puppies.

(And yes, consider it acknowledged that the Honeymooners was grossly misogynistic.)


  1. Al Dente says

    My favorite episode is the one where Ralph pretends to be a golfer to impress his boss. The golfing lesson in the Kramden’s apartment is hilarious, especially the bit with Norton addressing the ball.

  2. says

    No, it is when Ralph writes a letter to his boss because he got fired, and Norton mails the letter for him just as Ralph finds out he hadn’t been fired. Now they have to get the letter back from the mail box and hilarity ensues.

  3. M31 says

    the one where Ralph enters a ‘name that tune’ contest, and memorizes every single tune there ever was, EXCEPT the little intro that Norton played (like a nervous tic) before every piece

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