1. Suido says

    The hope that the recipient has just started a new job and wants to impress people, or similar.

  2. says

    PROBABLY THE SAME MENTALITY AS PUTTING AN EMAIL TITLE IN CAPS WITH TWO EXCLAIMATION POINTS!! I think they hand out that shitte advice to every adminstrator in ‘how to wrangle your PIs’ class.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Guys who write “important” are slightly less delusional than the guys who write hate mail to Mike Weinstein (see Dispatches from the culture wars). But the hate mail is more entertaining, once you decode the spelling errors.

    Besides, we will all die and the universe will eventually evaporate in a “big rip” so nothing is truly important.

  4. kenay says

    Well. Sebeljus is gone. That is not dellusional. Hopefully her replacement is better. Sebeliud is been a disaster in evry way.

  5. wtfwhateverd00d says

    That you’d like to know your hep is back and would you please stop fucking the sheep.

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