1. eeke says

    Dream big, CPP. It won’t be long before your beloved overpaid yanks also sink to the bottom.

    Keep us posted on where you’re going. I don’t understand the ftb complaints. So much for the ft part.

  2. Alverant says

    Sorry I didn’t comment yesterday, but I hope you change your mind about leaving. I don’t read your blog very often, but I don’t like the idea of people at FTB running someone out. You should be able to express yourself here.

  3. Trebuchet says

    And the Seattle Mariners are first in the West. Pigges are flying. At least until the second game of the season.

  4. Sean Boyd says

    @3 Trebuchet,

    My dad and I have a ritual for Opening Day. We wait until the opening pitch of the first M’s game of the season, then I announce, “And the Mariners are officially out of the playoff hunt.” Then we relax and proceed to enjoy the season as much as is possible.

  5. Kent_Hovind says

    Figures an atheist lies about leaving a website for a “joke”. They’re all godless anyway. No morals. If you don’t believe in god, how can you know anything? You have to start with the assumption god exists. Otherwise, you have abandoned all logic. Gfod created apples to perfectly fit human needs.

    Checkmate atheists.

  6. Al Dente says

    The Yankees haven’t played a game yet and they’re already half a game out of first.

  7. Argle Bargle says

    Al Dente,

    The Yankees are heading for the bottom of the heap before they even start playing.

  8. colnago80 says

    Astros 6, fuckken Yankees 2. The fuckken Yankee fan’s fuckken Yankees are off to a fast start,. Fuckke the fuckken Yankees.

  9. Al Dente says

    Guess who’s in the cellar of the AL East now? The standings are:

    Blue Jays 2-1 –
    Red Soxs 1-1 .5
    Orioles 1-1 .5
    Rays 1-2 1.0
    Yankees 0-2 1.5

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