Asparagus And Goat Cheese Risotto

one bunch asparagus
one cup vialone nano rice
three ounces goat cheese
half cup grated reggiano parmigiano
two thirds cup diced onions
fresh-ground black pepper
olive oil
chopped dill
four cups vegetable broth (or just water) salted
half cup dry white wine


Cut the asparagus spears into four pieces, and boil the bottom two pieces well in the broth to extract as much flavor as possible. Remove and discard (or eat them as a snack while you continue to cook).


Boil the top two pieces briefly until they are par-cooked.


Very nice asparagus.


Sautee the onions with black pepper until they are almost getting crispy.


Add the rice and continue to sautee until it is nice and toasty.


Deglaze with the white wine and reduce until it is gone.


Cook in the usual way, ladling in broth and stirring a bit at a time.


Nice goat cheese!


When the rice is almost done, throw in some dill.


When it is very molto al dente (still a little crunch in the middle), turn off the heat, add some more broth, and add the cheeses. Stir well to incorporate fully, and add some extra salt if necessary.


Throw in the asparagus.


Stir gently to mix. Depending on how brothy you like it, you can add more broth at this point. European style is substantially more brothy than what you will generally find in the US. We were in the mood for less brothy, so didn’t add any more broth.




  1. Alverant says

    I just want to say that for non-risotto dishes, you don’t boil the asparagus. Ideally you grill it or bake it with a bit of olive oil and salt. Sauteing is good too. You want dry heat so you don’t lose the flavor in the liquid. In this case since you’re using the liquid anyway, it’s semi-acceptable. Personally I’d sautee it with the onions to intensify the flavors.

    *gets off soapbox*

    On a different subject, how do you cook orzo pasta? Every time I try it it clumps up like rice and I never seem to use enough water. I use it in a recipe for Meditarian-style chicken that’s good cold.

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