Gmail POP Server Issue

I use Microsoft Outlook as a POP client to retrieve my mail from the Gmail POP server. Once in a while, Outlook retrieves a few old messages it had already retreived–it seems like they are almost always ones from the same conversation–as if it thinks it hadn’t already retrieved them.

Any thoughts about whether this is something going wrong on the Gmail server end, or the Outlook client end? And if there are any settings I could adjust on either end that might make it stop happening?


  1. Schlumbumbi says

    If it is infact a POP server, tell your client to delete messages on the server after they’ve been pulled to your client.

  2. Sunday Afternoon says

    Both gmail and outlook support IMAP – it means that if you read a message with webmail it shows up as read in your email client automatically, not as a new message a la POP.

  3. says

    Do you have to use Microsoft’s ridiculous “connector”? This is frequently the source of problems, but I’m not sure why it would be so in this case.

    Don’t forget that Google has discontinued various “sync” features for Outlook in favor of non-proprietary standards. This may affect you differentially whether you are in an MS Exchange network or not.

  4. Arion says

    I don’t use Outlook myself, so I can’t help you on that end, but check your Gmail on the messages that have been downloaded multiple times and see if they are marked as read. If they’re still new (I’m guessing you already know this, but just in case), go to ‘Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ and make sure that 1. ‘Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on’ is checked and 2. ‘When messages are accessed with POP’ is set to ‘mark Gmail’s copy as read’. Otherwise, it’s in Outlook’s settings, which I’ll check momentarily.

  5. Olav says

    Sunday Afternoon #2 is right.

    POP3 is primitive & evil. Use IMAP.

    Outlook isn’t so great either, but it will probably do.

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