Olympics Ponderable

How do these ski jump motherfuckers learn to ski jump in the first place without getting killed when they don’t know how the fuck to ski jump yet?


  1. Sammy B says

    By beginning, at ridiculously young ages, jumping off of hills about the size of the average garden shed, and working their way up from there.

  2. Trebuchet says

    Magic. They slide down the jump and say “wingardium leviosa”, with the wand pointed at their feet, just as the leave the end. Those who fail are rescued by senior wizards who waft them back down to earth. They are then safe, but have failed their O.W.L’s.

  3. Bam294 says

    Air bags are for douchebags and helmet loving helicopter parents. Growing up in the far north, we skied for gym everyday from preK to HS. The more spastic critters got taken to the jump. They were never gonna grow up to be that smart and their parents weren’t likely to sue. Not kidding.

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