Shrimp and Garlic Spaghetti

one pound shrimp
half pound spaghetti
olive oil
one fuckeloade of diced garlic
2/3 cup dry white wine
Vietnamese-style red chili in oil, with anchovy flavor
chopped sage
parmigiano reggiano


Sautee the shrimp in olive oil, starting on one side.


Turn them once, and when they are just barely done, remove and reserve.


Throw in the garlic and sautee. When it is starting to turn golden, throw in a nice dollop of chili.


Continue to sautee until the garlic is nice and golden.


Deglaze with the white wine and throw the pasta in boiling salty water.


After a few minutes, throw in some sage.


Sauce is done.


Add about one cup of the pasta water to the sauce, throw in the drained pasta that is still not quite molto al dente, and finish on medium-high for a few minutes.


When it’s just about done, add the shrimp and continue to cook until they are hot.


Use tongs to serve the pasta, then arrange the shrimp, and finally top with the remaining sauce in the pan. Garnish with sage and reggiano.

Gmail POP Server Issue

I use Microsoft Outlook as a POP client to retrieve my mail from the Gmail POP server. Once in a while, Outlook retrieves a few old messages it had already retreived–it seems like they are almost always ones from the same conversation–as if it thinks it hadn’t already retrieved them.

Any thoughts about whether this is something going wrong on the Gmail server end, or the Outlook client end? And if there are any settings I could adjust on either end that might make it stop happening?

Conchiglie With Tomatoes, Onions, and Gorgonzola (VEGETARIAN)

half pound conchiglie
olive oil
red chili pepper flakes
fresh-ground black pepper
dried oregano
one cup diced onions
1/3 cup dry white wine
one large can/box diced san marzanos
dollop of gorgonzola
chopped basil
parmigiano reggiano


Saute the onions with red and black pepper, oregano, and a bit of salt, until they are just starting to turn golden brown, but still have good bite. The idea here is that the onions are not just to participate in building a base of flavor–like in many dishes–but rather are a central component of the dish.


Deglaze with the wine, and reduce until most of the liquid is gone.


Throw in the tomatoes and simmer with the lid offe.


After about ten or fifteen minutes, throw in a handful of basil, and start boiling your pasta.


Sauce is done.


Add about one cup of pasta water and the drained pasta, and finish on medium-high heat for a couple minutes.


Toss in the gorgonzola and stir to incorporate.






For the love of motherfucken godde, “a faculty” cannot be used to refer to an individual, so stop fucken referring to one of your colleagues as “a faculty”. He or she is a member of a faculty, which is, by definition, a collection of people. Jeezus motherfucke, just stoppe itte!!

Statistical Significance P-Value Thresholds

I am not aware of any theoretical or empirical justification for imposing an arbitrary absolute threshold for P-values below which we consider a difference “significant”–and thus considered scientifically relevant–rather than taking into account the actual P-value and adjusting *how* scientifically relevant we consider a particular difference to be.

For example, if your P-value is less than 0.00001, then it is exceedingly likely that the difference you have observed reflects a real difference between the underlying populations. If your P-value is between 0.05 and 0.01, then it is reasonably likely. If your P-value is 0.25, then it is unlikely.

But why is the title of a published paper allowed to refer to a difference with a P-value of 0.49995, but a difference with a P-value of 0.50005 is verboten to consider at all? Is there any justification for this practice other than it’s-just-what-we-do?

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino (VEGETARIAN)

This is a super-simple delicious dish!

half pound spaghetti
quarter cup olive oil
six large garlic cloves, sliced
red chili pepper flakes or red chili peppers in oil
half cup grated parmigiano reggiano


Sautee the garlic in the olive oil until it is starting to get golden. Meanwhile, start boiling the spaghetti in salty water.


Throw in a good amount of red chili pepper; I used the stuff in oil with anchovy.


When the garlic is nice and toasty, add about 3/4 to one cup of pasta water and turn up the heat to medium high.


Drain the pasta, throw it in, and finish for a minute or two, and the liquid is almost all gone.


Turn off the heat and throw in the grated reggiano.


Mix it all up real well.


Very simple, yet delicious!!

Bachelor’s Bleu Risotto

PhysioWife was out of town last night, so I whipped uppe this bachelor’s junk risotto with shitte I had lying around the fucken house. I will say, when only making a single portion of risotto at one time, it is hard to get it to come out creamy.

quarter cup chopped onion
dried thyme
dried dill
red chili flakes
black pepper
olive oil
quarter cup dry white wine
two cups chicken broth (plus about one cup water)
half cup vialone nano rice
chopped basil
dollop of gorgonzola
parmigiano reggiano


Sautee some onions with thyme, dill, red pepper flakes, and fresh-ground black pepper.


Add the rice and sautee for a few more minutes.


Deglaze with the wine.


Cook as usual, adding ladles of broth, salting a little bit (be careful, as gorgonzola is salty).


Turn off the heat, throw in a dollop of gorgonzola, some reggiano, and some basil. Stir well to incorporate.


All done.


Plated with some additional reggiano.