Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Four Year-Olds Slaughtering Each Other With Guns

Another responsible gun owner.


  1. k_machine says

    If only he lived in a stand-your-ground state, he could’ve walked free as the founding fathers intended. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, there’s nothing in there about an age limit. An armed playground is a polite playground

  2. wtfwhateverd00d says

    Trulia tells me a house at that address in Detroit is worth $38,000 which is about average for recently sold homes in that area. tells me:

    “Census Tract 5341, Wayne County, Michigan.
    Median household income: $22,404.00 (+/- $6,896.00).
    State middle-class income range: $41,545.00 to $51,250.00.

    Let’s repeat that:

    Median household income on that block: $22,404.00 (+/- $6,896.00).
    State middle-class income range: $41,545.00 to $51,250.00.

    I am guessing the families on that block are as Republican as you are intelligent.

    I am guessing the grandfather who lives here kept that rifle believed it was a necessary tool of self-defense.

    When I visit, it seems the least expensive gun safe for a rifle starts at about $110.00.

    Once more:

    Median household income on that block: $22,404.00 (+/- $6,896.00).

    I encourage you to start a kickstarter or indiegogo or just spend time building, and distributing gun safes to the impoverished in Detroit and in other inner cities.

    I would donate to such a project even if it was run by a jackasse like you.

  3. Great American Satan says


    A) He only categorized this as “Republican etc.” because this is an expected outcome of the republican agenda. Heck, if these people aren’t republican, so much the better for the GOP. So he wasn’t asserting these people were GOP, if that’s what you’re assuming.

    B) Every fucking republican I meet is poor because as a poor person, almost every fucking person I meet is poor. They’re called class traitors, and the GOP would be nowhere without them. Shoutouts, y’all.

  4. wtfwhateverd00d says

    What Republican Agenda are you speaking of? Right of self-defense in an inner city impoverished neighborhood of Detroit “a mix of occupied and run-down, vacant homes”? That’s the one you want Democrats to oppose?

    As I said, instead of whinging about Republicans and doing nothing else our fuckeing dipshite professore would do better to take his paid vacation days, work an extra job, and start delivering gun cases to inner city neighborhoods across Detroit.

  5. says

    “Woody said guns should be kept unloaded, locked in a case and out of the reach of children.”

    But then you can’t use the gun to protect yourself! The person breaking into your house isn’t going to politely stand by while you fetch your gun from the gun case and the ammo from your locked safe, then load the gun. I suspect that people who buy guns for personal protection don’t really think about that. If you live alone, it’s not a problem, but if you have kids, a gun is useless because you HAVE to keep it unloaded in a place where they can’t get to it. Otherwise, you end up with your kid shooting some other kid.

  6. WhiskyJakk says

    @silverbuttons There are a number of ways to address the issue. The feasibility admittedly fluctuates based on your disposable income. You can just keep the gun on your person if you think you are that likely to need it in a pinch. Some neighborhoods are bad enough that this is not an unreasonable approach. A few hundred dollars will net you a nifty bio metric safe that can scan your fingerprints slowing your time to deploy the weapon by crap-all. A little less will get you one with a pad to enter a PIN number. Slapping a mag in and racking the weapon just doesn’t take that long. If you train (and anyone with a weapon should) it should pretty much be automatic. Pop the safe, slap a mag in, rack the slide and bring the weapon to bear. A magazine for a pistol is small. you could easily just keep one in your pocket.

  7. AsqJames says


    A magazine for a pistol is small. you could easily just keep one in your pocket.

    Oh, that’s just fucking genius!

    A gun without bullets is basically a short and awkwardly shaped club. Unless you’re going to point it at someone and invite them to defend their self, there are no circumstances I can think of where an unloaded gun could cause you injury or death where any other equivalently weighty piece of metal wouldn’t be just as bad.

    On the other hand, bullets don’t need to be anywhere near a gun to be dangerous. Just ask yourself how many house fires there are in America each day.

  8. WhiskyJakk says

    Yes, No once could keep a magazine on their person and then put said magazine in a weapon that was secured by a fingerprint safe in a matter of seconds. That’s crazy talk. Mythbusters covered the bullets in a fire. No. The house fire itself would be far more dangerous than the rounds.Hell, taking a moment to consider how many house fires there are in America each day, yet how few neighborhoods are riddled with gunfire by bullets in said house fires would work, too. You can keep a mag in your pocket, open the safe with your finger print and be shooting in SECONDS. I’m not even trying to sell that as optimal, just doable. This place has a fuck ton of ‘skeptics’ who could embarrass themselves a lot less with a quick google search.

  9. Chebag says

    Once you realize the Republicans tried to ban risotto fifty-four times in the past six years, it ALL comes into focus people.

  10. says

    Most people can’t even plug in their phone charger in SECONDZ!!!211!!

    A magazine is a lot easier to insert than most phone chargers, in my experience (especially smartphones). Most pistols are sturdier and you don’t really risk breaking it by going too fast, unless you manage to accelerate to well beyond the speed of the average person moving his/her hands.

    That doesn’t make the concept of leaving an unlocked gun in the home any less idiotic (unless, I guess, you live in Detroit; and even that seems dubious), but still. Bad comparison.

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