Blanquette de Veau


This is a classical French dish, from way back in the days of Escoffier. Here is my version, which commits blasphemy only in two regards: (1) serving it over buckwheat kasha instead of white rice and (2) not using any butter to make roux for finishing the sauce (I just dissolve some cornstarch in a bit of the braising liquid).

one and a half pounds veal shoulder, cut into ten cubes
ten nice-sized boiling onions
one cup dry white wine
two cups veal stock
one bay leaf
eight fresh sage leaves
juice of one half lime
fresh-ground black pepper
one tablespoon cornstarch
half cup heavy cream
one cup coarse-ground buckwheat kasha

(1) Put the wine, stock, lime juice, bay leaf, sage, black pepper, salt to taste, and the veal into a dutch oven. Bring to a boil and then turn down to a very low simmer, and cook covered.

(2) The veal should take about three hours to become perfectly tender. When there is about an hour left, thrown in the onions.

(3) When the veal and onions are done, remove them from the pot and reserve, covering them with foil. Remove the bay leaf and sage from the pot, turn the heat up to high, and reduce by about half, salting to taste, then turn back to a low simmer.

(4) Cook the kasha by simmering it covered for about 12 minutes in two cups of water with salt and pepper, until all the liquid is absorbed.

(5) While the kasha is cooking finish the sauce. Stir one tablespoon cornstarch into a bit of the reduced braising liquid in a ramekin, and when smoothly mixed, add it to the pot and stir well until the cornstarch is dissolved. Then add the heavy cream and stir to incorporate until the sauce is nice and thick and creamy.

(6) Return the veal and onions to the sauce and continue to heat with gentle stirring until the veal and onions are nice and hot.

(7) Spoon the blanquette onto the kasha and enjoy!


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