1. badgersdaughter says

    My favorite books when I was that age (I was reading at third grade level when i was three… gee, where did that brainpower go, lol):

    Little Bear
    Curious George
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Goodnight Moon
    Cat in the Hat
    One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

  2. B says

    Stuck. by Oliver Jeffers
    This is not my hat. by Jon Klassen
    I want my hat back. by Jon Klassen
    Dragons Love Tacos. by Adam Rubin

  3. elly says

    Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
    The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas/Helen Oxenbury
    Little Rabbit Books – series by Alan Baker (they’re books about colors, counting etc., and are all awesome – example here:
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar (plus other titles) by Eric Carle
    Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester/Lynn Munsinger
    King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub by Audrey Wood/Don Wood
    The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear by Don Wood/Audrey Wood
    Anansi the Spider adapted/illustrated by Gerald McDermott

    In picking books for my kids, I tended to a) aim a little higher, age-wise; b) choose books with beautiful, well-done illustrations; and c) choose books that would not drive me absolutely freaking insane by the 30th reading. Small children LOVE repetition, so it’s important to choose books that you find charming/amusing/well-done, too.

  4. says

    All the Sandra Boynton books, especially The Birthday Monsters and The Going to Bed Book.

    Dav Pilkey’s Dragon books — Fat Cat, Dragon’s Christmas, Dragon Gets By

    Mary Murphy’s books, including I Like it When

  5. sisu says

    Mo Willems has some really funny and charming books – his Pigeon, Elephant & Piggie, and Knuffle Bunny series are all delightful for kids that age and their grown-ups.

  6. wilsim says

    “I can do it myself” Diane Adams
    “hop on pop” Dr Suess
    “Goodnight Moon” I know it’s cliche now but my son absolutely loves this book
    Sesame Street books – almost all of them.

  7. eeke says

    “Never tease a weasel”

    It’s awesome. Written by Jean Conder Soule in the ’60s. Came back in print in 2011.

  8. Trebuchet says

    I remember loving The Tawny, Scrawny, Lion and Little Yip Yip and his Bark when I was little 60-some years ago. Both are still available. Of course, I also had Little Black Sambo!

  9. Grumble says

    Look up books by Calef Brown. They are poetry with a completely whacky sense of humor, coupled with fantastically detailed, whimsical illustrations. One great thing about them is that they won’t drive YOU crazy with repeated reading out loud. “Flamingos on the Roof: is one of my all-time favorite kids books, followed by “Polkabats and Octopus Slacks.”

    From (very fond) memory:

    Tiny baby sphynx
    She looks at me and blinks
    I offer bits of catfood
    The kind that really stinks
    I wonder what she thinks about
    At nighttime when she slinks about
    Inviting other sphynxes out
    To gather in the moonlight

  10. Nicoleandmaggie3 says

    Wasn’t there something about a plane crash? And the passengers eating each other?

  11. birgerjohansson says

    The books about the Moomin family by Finn writer/ilustrator Tove Jansson.

    If you prefer something less cute, but with bright pictures I recommend the 1979 book with screenshots from the film “Alien”.

  12. Matt_L says

    Any of the “Olivia” books by Ian Falconer. Beautifully illustrated and with witty writing. They are pretty fun for adults to read to kids. (Some books are so treacly it just makes you want to gauge your eyes out, but the kid is endlessly obsessed so you have to read it to them like eight times.)

    There are also some Olivia books pumped out by Nickelodeon based on a TV show with the same character. They are not as artful as the originals, but still can humor a 2-3 year-old.

    I second “I want my hat back” by Jon Klassen.

    Anything by Richard Scarry. I have a two and half year old daughter who only wanted to read “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!” at bedtime for about three months this summer.

  13. Claire says

    The most popular ones this month with my 2 & 4 year old:

    Any book by Emily Gravett (Orange Pear Apple Bear, Lonely Chameleon, etc)

    My Friends by Taro Gomi

    I Am a Bunny

    Diary of a Wombat

    The Color Kittens (Margaret Wise Brown)

    The Little Train (Lois Lenski -I think)

  14. Claire says

    And I third I Want My Hat Back! Although, my 2y/o doesn’t get why it’s “funny” the way my 7y/o does :)

  15. Ola says

    “That’s Disgusting” is a big hit with our kids (

    The other books by Julia Donaldson (Gruffalo) are also great – What the Ladybird Heard, Room on the Broom.

    Leo Leonni is another favorite (Piccolo Blu ePiccolo Giallo, Frederic, Pezzettino)

    As others have already said, Knuffle Bunny, anything by Eric Carle or Sandra Boynton

  16. mario berettini says

    My 7-yrs old niece taught me her preferred song for Christmas (by Taylor Swift). Yesterday, I sang it with her but it is still difficult. That’s the part she likes most

    “Last Christmas I gave you my heart
    but the very next day you gave it away.
    This year to save me from tears
    I’ll give it to someone special”

    Hahahah, She is so much fun

  17. GMP says

    Goodnight Gorilla
    Three Billy Goats Gruff (making goat and troll sounds is a hoot)
    Grumpy Gracie
    Moo Baa Lalala

  18. loquaxe says

    Gee wtfwhateverd00d, your tittle for 2-3 yrs old sounds like highly educational. You’re mimicking CPP’s hyper -e
    spelling rather well. Almost like a 2-3 yrs old little guy would do!.

  19. narya says

    I second the Olivia books; they are completely awesome.
    The Time it Took Tom (or something like that) was fun
    What are You So Grumpy About, when the kid gets a little older
    the Grinch was a favorite the whole year round

  20. narya says

    I second the Olivia books; they are completely awesome.
    The Time it Took Tom (or something like that) was fun
    What are You So Grumpy About, when the kid gets a little older
    the Grinch was a favorite the whole year round
    Where the Wild Things Are!

  21. outeast says

    I definitely join others in naming the Julia Donaldson / Alex Scheffler (?) books. Gruffalo obvious, but also Smartest Giant In Town, Tabby McTat, the Whale and the Snail, and plenty of others. They’re good stories with great illustrations, but more than that they’re SERIOUS FUN to read aloud.

  22. Ysanne says

    Dinosaur Dreams involves funny friendly dinosaurs and skeletons and is great as a good-night story. How do dinosaurs say goodnight? doesn’t have skeletons but is very funny too.

    If they’re in the wee-and-poo-are-hilarious phase: The little mole who is trying to find out who pooped on his head is great (and who would have thought, it’s by a German…)

    Diary of a Wombat is very enjoyable for both the kid and the grown-up doing the reading (and so are all other books by the author).

    Also everything by Richard Scarry.

  23. iGrrrl says

    Been meaning to come back to this:

    If you’re looking for some diversity, I’d recommend Thunder Rose, a Bunyanesque tale about a little girl who twists lightening, and Beautiful Blackbird by Ashley Bryan. They both have great pictures, and very rhythmic language, which is great for that age group.

    And there’s always Gaiman’s Blueberry Girl with gorgeous Charles Vess pictures.

    In a couple of years, try Skippyjon Jones, the siamese kitten who thinks he is a chihuahua.

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