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Fucken Disgusting Republican Filth Failing at the Slightest Semblance of Giving a Fucke About Being Lying Subhuman Hypocrites

It’s an outrage for young white christian men to pay insurance premiums that go to covering maternity care, but they sure as fucke better cover my prostate cancer.

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  1. DrugMonkey says

    People who don’t understand the fundamental difference between insurance and fee-for-service perplex me. And the media keeps putting them on like it is a perfectly reasonable position.

  2. Trebuchet says

    @3: Better yet, how about CPP goes a little farther with it? It’s a good topic for an actual blog post.

    I sincerely hope he doesn’t actually have prostate cancer. Or “prostrate” cancer, as all of my Kansas relatives say.

  3. says

    I understood CPP perfectly. We’ve seen a storm of DB over on the Right yelling about how unfair it is to require them to buy health insurance that covers maternity care and birth control and similar when they are HEALTHY WHITE MALES and this has been covered non-stop on Faux News and CNN.

    Yet no coverage on any of those channels about how unfair it is that I, a HEALTHY WOMAN, am forced to buy health insurance that covers prostate exams and testicular cancer. Not to mention Viagra Meds. I mean WTF.

  4. Trebuchet says

    @delagar: I know that. Other bloggers, including right here at FTB, write posts about it, including naming and quoting the guys who are saying it.

  5. sailor1031 says

    These fukken morons junderstand insurance, they ust want to complain and whine and any excuse will do. Fact is as healthy young white privileged males, if they have health insurance they’re paying for contraception and maternity services right now and the healthy young women are paying for mens’ services. And Drugmonkey is right on – fuck the media who parrot this shit as if there were any validity to it whatsoever, instead of pointing out the gaping fukken hole in the YHWM whine.

  6. birger johansson says

    Fox and Wall Street Journal are owned by Murdochman the Dark, the rest of the American media are also owned by a few conglomerates run by white conservative males, only not quite as insane as the Fox crowd.
    They may not set out to lie, but they have no strong desire to debunk stuff either. Thus “echo chamber” news get picked up by the mainstream media without questions asked.

  7. latebird says

    You’re right CPP!. On the other hand, there are quite a few people having made a career by voting republicans!. That’s life!.

  8. robb says

    yeah! why do I have to pay for women getting maternity care–it’s not like I was ever the recipient of maternity care! and why do I have to pay taxes that fund schools when I don’t have any kids! and why do I have to pay taxes that go to the military when I don’t even get to pilot a drone! heck, I even think some of my tax money goes to the fire and police departments and I have never had anyone break into my house and set all my stuff on fire!

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