1. Kyle says

    While I’ve never taken in a game at MSG specifically, I much prefer the view from near center ice. I find it more difficult to follow/appreciate action at the opposite end of the rink when you sit behind one of the goals.

  2. says

    Centre Ice (Hockey is Canadian Eh, lets use proper English) and at least 10-15 rows up. Lower is no good because you can’t see the corners well.
    Barring Centre Ice, pick your teams opponents Blue Line and a few rows higher. Good for watching the ‘attacking zone’ two thirds of the game.

  3. says

    I’d go for centre ice since you want to see the whole game and take it all in :)

    I’m enviuos of you going to MSG! It’s supposedly AWESOME now when it’s been renovated and all. I mean, it was pretty awesome before renovation…. which team is your fave?

  4. azportsider says

    As an undergrad I went to a school that had a Division I team, and the student section was behind the goal our team attacked for two of the three periods of regulation time. I learned to love the perspective from that point of view.

  5. Clay says

    I prefer being a little outside of the blue line 20 or so rows back compared to center ice. I think you get better perspective that way.

  6. kraut says

    Why would anybody waste their time watching any of the height of stupidity sports?
    The idiocy of that is so far beyond me..I think I want my own planet to be far enough away from the idiots following a ball kicked or thrown around while trying ti inflict as much harm as possible to each other or hitting a defenseless little rubber thingy again with the ulterior motive to in the end clobber each other…

  7. Suido says


    Good to see you’re not wasting your time commenting on a blog where sport is a regular topic. Carry on.

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