What The Fucke Is Really Wrong With Right-Wing Filth?

Their brains are defective, due to incessant programming with conceptual structures that are both riddled from stem to stern with logical impossibilities and internal inconsistencies, and also grossly incommensurate in every important detail with discernible external reality. Years of forcing oneself to operate with such a disrupted mental structure requires continuous rejection of the patently obvious evidence of the senses. This then causes long-term defects in neuronal circuit function that preclude proper neuronal information processing, for the same exact reason that fucking around with the sensory environment of an experimental animal to make it appear to violate the laws of physics and/or causality induces severe defects in neural circuit wiring and synaptic connecticity.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Kind of like new-agers, anti-vaxers, and other demented sorts of (mostly) liberals. Oh well, at least you actually wrote something.

  2. says

    Did my FIL call you and yell about keeping gov’mint out of his medicare? Sorry about that. He can’t help it. He mainlines Limbaugh. Up is down for him. His retinas don’t actually flip the image any more.

  3. atheist says

    You’re right that right-wing thinking can do all that to people, especially if they remain within a right-wing media bubble. But I think you’re not aiming deep enough. The real problem is that they have a totally different worldview and values from you. Even if they could somehow know everything you do, they might just react to the knowledge in a totally different way from how you do. When talking about the right wing, the phrase “Culture War” is actually pretty accurate.

  4. atheist says

    If you can cut through the dishonesty, the useful idiocy, and the craziness, you will find that right wingers do have beliefs that make sense. But these beliefs come from a different worldview than yours. For example, if you accept that hierarchy is the only valid form of social organization, then less equality makes sense.

  5. blindrobin says

    I usually distill it to : multidimensional cognitive dissonance with a thick layer of confirmation bias on a foundation of bigotry and fear.

  6. Andrew G. says

    Other essential reading: Paxton’s “Five Stages of Fascism” and Altemeyer’s “The Authoritarians”

    Trebuchet @1: conservatives are more likely to be anti-vax than liberals; the idea that it’s a predominantly liberal delusion turns out to be a myth.

  7. colnago80 says

    OT but the fuckken Yankee fan’s least favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, are in the World Series.

  8. wilsim says

    Can we get a blog post when the red socks lose (or win)? Is that why we are having such a quiet blog now? /ponder

    I’ve always thought that what is wrong with the righties is… wait, I was typing out a whole long list of shit then I realized that it was pointless so I deleted it.

    Mostly, they are incapable of empathy, they are unable to picture themselves in someone else’s shoes, and so therefore do not care, because they cannot even take the first step and form a theory of mind about another person.
    You see this in action all the time if you have any in your family that you may argue with occasionally – the ones who take the time you are speaking to think about what they are going to say next, the ones who are more concerned about “tone of voice” than what you are actually saying.

  9. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    What The Fucke Is Really Wrong With Right-Wing Filth?

    What ain’t?

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