Grilled Salmon With Goat Ricotta Risotto

two half-pound salmon filets
dried chile powder
one cup vialone nano rice
third cup diced white onion
half cup dry white wine
one pint chicken stock, diluted with water to one quart and salted to taste
half cup goat milk ricotta cheese
olive oil
quarter cup grated parmigiano reggiano
chopped tarragon


Sautee the onions with black pepper until they are translucent and started to turn golden.


Throw in the rice and sautee for a few more minutes.


Deglaze with the white wine, and start cooking the risotto in the usual manner.


Season the salmon filets about an hour before cooking with salt, black pepper, and some dried chile powder (not the chili spice mix, but straight chile powder).


Grill on the skin side first, until the salmon is almost cooked through to the top.


Flip and cook on the top, and remove from the grill when done.


Cook the risotto until it is very molto al dente.


Turn off the heat and add some extra broth as necessary, the ricotta, reggiano, and some tarragon.


Stir well to incorporate, and then cover for a few minutes to rest.


Really nice dinner!


  1. Pteryxx says

    …is that a grill-shaped pan I see? on a stovetop? Does that work well and are they hard to find or expensive or some other darn thing?

  2. tbrandt says

    Buy a cast-iron pan. Unless you want a fancy French one, they aren’t expensive. You can buy one for about $20 at amazon or most large retailers. It does a very nice job of filling in for a grill. You can also pre-heat the pan on the stovetop and then broil it in the oven to cut way down on splattering grease and avoid smelling up the house/apartment.

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