Orechiette With Cherry Tomatoes And Ricotta Salata (VEGETARIAN!)

one pint of heirloom cherry tomatoes
one half pound dried orechiette
two diced garlic cloves
splash of dry white wine
third of a cup of diced white onion
dried red chile flakes
olive oil
ground black pepper
chopped tarragon
ricotta salata (aged dried ricotta, which can be crumbled and/or grated)


These are the heirloom cherry tomatoes. They are so ripe, they are just shy of overripe, which is perfect for this purpose. Cut them into halves or quarters (for the bigger ones).


Sautee the onions in olive oil with some salt until they are nice and soft, and then throw in the garlic, some black pepper, and some red pepper flakes, and sautee for another few minutes until the garlic is soft.


Deglaze with a splash of white wine, and then reduce on medium high until the alcohol is gone.


Throw in half of the tomatoes, and turn the heat to medium-low.


Cook down the tomatoes until they are forming a nice sauce, salting to taste.

Start the orechiette boiling in salted water, and cook until very molto al dente. The imported Italian orechiette I used said on the package to cook for 18 minutes, and this brand of pasta is pretty accurate with the suggested cooking times for its other pasta shapes. But these orechiette were actually done after 13-14 minutes, so good thing I was paying attention!


Tomatoes are pretty much done.


Throw in the orechiette, the rest of the tomatoes, some tarragon, and a decent amount of the pasta water.


Finish on medium high for a few minutes, until the sauce has reduced and thickened up nicely.


Turn off the heat and throw in about two ounces of crumbled ricotta salata and stir well. Let rest covered for a minute or two.




Garnish with some grated ricotta salata and tarragon. YUM!!!111!!ELEBETY!!1!1!!111!!!


  1. gingerest says

    How do you make your orecchiete not nest? It seems like no matter even when I stir emphatically and often, the little fuckers want to line up in a pile like tiny hats so that nobody gets completely done in the middle.

  2. Grumble says

    My favorite thing to do with late summer cherry tomatoes (especially Sungolds, which are off the scale in terms of flavor and sweetness, especially when perfectly ripe): Halve them and toss them with hot pasta (like orecchiette or shells), a big glob of fresh goat cheese, and a handful of chopped basil. Practically no work, and it’s the kind of dish I could eat until my stomach hurts.

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