Fish Tacos

chili powder spice blend
dried new mexico chile powder (not a spice blend)
olive oil
greek yogurt
corn tortillas
purple cabbage
pico di gallo
mango jicama salsa


Look at this beautiful halibut! My fishmonger told me that halibut is pretty much like a giant flounder that lies on the bottom of the ocean. He said that for an application like fish tacos, he recommended skinning it (which he then did), but that for just grilling a piece of it, you could leave the skin on.


This is the taco sauce I made with one cup greek yogurt, juice of two limes, salt, new mexico chile powder, and dill. You want to make this pretty far in advance so that the flavors have time to blend well.


I cut the halibut into pieces and marinated for a number of hours in olive oil, chili powder spice blend, and salt.


Grill that motherfucken shitte right the fucke uppe!


Condiments for the tacos.


We got this tortilla warmer dealio, which works very well. Soak the cotton towel in water, wring it out, and heat it in the microwave for ten or fifteen seconds.






  1. fuckesatonne says

    Fucking Greek yogurt has to be in EVERYTHING?? And you know, it was the Lebanese who invented it, anyway. It’s called labneh.

  2. M can help you with that. says

    My fishmonger told me that halibut is pretty much like a giant flounder that lies on the bottom of the ocean.

    That’s pretty severely underselling how fukken weird-awesome halibut are. Yes, they’re flat fish with two eyes on the same side of their head that lie on the bottom on their side and give four filets each (like other flounders). They’ll also swallow bait up to volleyball-sized. And as for “giant” — when I was living in Alaska, we used to throw back anything under 20 pounds as obviously too small to be worth the effort. Anything under 30 inches long is a prohibited catch. To count as “big,” a halibut would have to be over 150 lbs (and up to 500 lbs and 8 feet long) — big enough that they can do some serious damage flapping around on the boat (muscle takes up an unusually large proportion of body mass for halibut), so standard procedure is to shoot them before bringing them onboard. Small halibut (under 75 lbs or so) can just be clubbed unconscious with a baseball bat instead, or punched if you’re particularly macho.

  3. Trebuchet says

    @3: Yeah, the guy who got the raccoons out of my floor a couple of years ago was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of himself with the halibut he’d caught a couple of weeks earlier. He wasn’t a small man but the fish was bigger. More than 200 lbs, if I recall, and over six feet long.

    As a lover of plain food, I find taking a nice piece of halibut and marinating it to put in a taco kind of a shame. Just grill it up plain and serve it with a nice baked potato.

  4. Trebuchet says

    Not a long story, but I can make it long if you wish. House is a 1970’s mobile. Mama raccoon found a way under the place then got inside the tarpaper on the bottom of the floor beams. Gave birth to four kits. We started hearing chittering and called the friendly trapper. He had to cut the tarpaper to get the babies out but was unable to catch the mother. After he taped up the damage and left with the kits (to bottlefeed) mamma came back and tore things up but good. She was not a happy camper.

    Funny part of the story: The guy is a “friendly trapper”. He does not harm animals. (Doesn’t apply to halibut, evidently.) He very apologetically asked if it was ok to shoot the mamma with a pellet gun if she got aggressive. My first thought was “Pellet gun? Don’t you have a real one?”

    I hate raccoons. CPP should barbecue one. I’d eat that with relish — and I don’t even like relish.

  5. Grumble says

    Sounds like you should have called the UNfriendly trapper, Treb, and I don’t mean that to stand for United Nations.

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