1. superfragilistika says

    hahahahahah!. Tomorrow, it will be pouring!. Guide said to bring ” una muda” to leave in the bus as to get changed upon descending!.

    Hahahahah, una muda, a peechless person!

  2. blindrobin says

    @superfragilistika also short for ‘a change’ as in ‘una muda de ropa’ muda (adjective) mudo (noun) mute. Context is everything.

  3. Ogvorbis says

    It is where I work. We constantly get visitors wearing hickory striped overalls and engineer caps.

    Of course, we are a railroad museum, so. . . .

  4. Ogvorbis says

    Well, no. No corn cob pipes. Usually 12 pounds of railroad and locomotive pins.

    I do have (and smoke) a corn cob pipe, but only when doing specific living history demonstrations.

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