How You Can Tell A New Real Estate Bubble Is Inflating

Your one fuckewitte friend from high school is going to become a real estate agent, because your other fuckewitte friend is already a real estate agent and is “raking in the cheddar”.


  1. unbound says

    Regardless of any potential housing bubbles, the rate most agents get (2% or 2.5% if I remember correctly) means that you can make a pretty good living selling about 1 house a month if you are in a typical middle-class neighborhood ($300k to $500k houses).

    You can’t be completely lazy, but you don’t have to work all that hard to make pretty good money (approaching or possibly exceeding $100k a year). There are very, very few jobs (besides being a CEO) that has that good of a payoff with minimum education.

  2. Kate from Iowa says

    Ugh. You get a client who explains that even though she told the loan officer she had no money to put down and “a handfull” of credit troubles that getting her in a nice house in a good neighborhood would be “no problem at all.”

    Seriously, did everyone not pay any attention at all to what happened and was still happening…what, five years ago? Has there been a massive, country-wide brainfart followed by completely shitting out all the common sense that remained?

    (And then, finding out after work that same day that a friend who’s already lost one house to the financial crisis is now buying another one only this time with a second child, a worse job/lower income, a new divorce and accompanying bankruptcy…I mean really? REALLY, AMERICA!?! What the fuck?)

    I thought it was just an isolated incident or two of self-righteous midwest dumbass.

  3. says

    How about this?

    I live in Monterey, CA and I am getting cold called by real estate agents wanting to sell my house. I also find flyers and business cards from agents on my door, in my mailbox and on my car, saying that it’s a good time to sell, and that there aren’t any houses currently for sale in my zip code, would I like to get out of my house payment or move up in house value?

    I hear that this cold calling thing is happening all over So Cal as well.


  4. stever says

    Sparky_ca: I have a standard response to telemarketers: “I’m sorry, you seem to have mistaken me for someone stupid enough to bite on a cold call.” If the telemarketer woke me up, or interrupted a meal, I may add some Navy-surplus language before hanging up.

  5. says

    In 1996, I took out a mortgage to buy my house, for just shy of £30 000. I was taking home less than £10 000 per annum.

    In 2010, I made the final payment on my mortgage. My house was now worth nearer £120 000 — and my take home pay was just bit less than £20 000.

    You do the maths.

  6. DrugMonkey says

    Don’t “the maths” depend on what you would have had to pay in rent and what investment opportunities would have been available with the excess (?; including any tax benefits) you poured into your mortgage, BecomingJulie?

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