Awesome Google Android Security

Google Android allows you to use face recognition to unlock your device. Here is a tip they helpfully provide for using this feature:

TIP: After you set up Face Unlock, look under Settings > Personal > Security for two additional settings: Improve face matching and Liveness check. Use these to make Face Unlock more reliable and secure. [emphasis added]

Such a relief to know that someone can’t use my dead face to unlock my Android device after they kill me.


  1. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Well, maybe just unconscious in some form, but yeah, that sounds a bit creepy.

  2. lochaber says

    I’m guessing it’s more so people don’t circumvent it with a photo, and less that they kill you for access to your phone (I mean, you have fingernails after all, no?, and I’m pretty sure removing those via linesman pliers carries a much lighter sentence than murder…)

  3. says

    So, you’re saying I only need a few seconds of video of your face before letting Big Jim take you out to the shed? Inconceivable! Next you’ll tell me practically everyone has a device that is capable of circumventing this feature, uses the very same technology used to enable the security…

  4. wilsim says

    For additional lulz, setup some security that snaps a photo of any unsuccessful face recognition attempts.

    It’ll be full up of hundreds of pictures of your increasingly angry face in no time!

  5. sawells says

    I think it’s already been shown that the liveness check can be fooled using a still photo and some photoshop to make it look like you’re blinking.

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