Vermouth Shrimp And Goat Cheese Risotto

one and a half pounds cleaned shelled shrimp
fuckeloade of diced garlic
a decent amount of diced white onion
La Yu hot oil
one pint chicken stock diluted 1:1 with water and salted to taste
crushed red pepper flakes
fresh-ground black pepper
olive oil
1/3 cup dry vermouth
1/6 cup chicken stock
splash botanical gin
fresh dill
juice of a half lemon
goat cheese
parmigiano reggiano
half cup dry white wine
one cup carnaroli rice


We chose this nice Spanish goat cheese, because it is very creamy and will incorporate nicely into the risotto.


Dolin vermouth is more full-bodied than Martini and Rossi and better for cooking. Uncle Val’s is the botanical gin we added to the shrimp sauce to deepen the flavor.


La-Yu chili oil for the shrimp sautee.


Add a few drops of La-Yu to the hot olive oil for sauteeing the shrimp.


Shrimp from our local fishmonger. These are wild-caught from the Gulf Coast of Central America.


Sautee onions with some fresh-ground black pepper.


Sautee the shrimp on high heat with some red and black pepper and some salt, turning once. When they are just barely cooked through, reserve.


Add the rice to the onions and continue to sautee.


When the rice is toasty, deglaze with the white wine.


Sautee the garlic in the shrimp pan until it is golden.


Cook the risotto with the chicken broth in the usual way.


Create the sauce by deglazing with the vermouth, gin, chicken stock, and lemon. Reduce gradually and salt to taste.


When the risotto is just about done, add some extra broth, turn off the heat, and throw in the goat cheese and some dill. Stir gently but thoroughly to incorporate.


Add the shrimp back to the sauce, throw in some dill, and heat the shrimp back up, stirring gently to coat them with the sauce. If you want to make this dish much richer, you can melt some butter in at this point, although we chose not to.


Plate the risotto and shrimp, garnish with a little dill, and grate a little parmigiano reggiano on the risotto.


  1. superfragilistika says

    hahaha!. I know exactly what you mean. I have been trying CPP’s recipes lately and I am 5 pounds over my regular weight. Yes indeed, enjoy but be careful.

  2. embertine says

    Gorgeous, might have to try that. I made beetroot and goats cheese risotto last night, using my own home-grown beets, including the leaves, and a home-grown courgette and leek just to round it out.

    It was great, although pink food is a bit of an acquired taste.


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