Rehabilitating Pete Rose

I have no real opinion on the merits, but there seems to be some kind of concerted media push to rehabilitate Pete Rose.

Earlier this week, he was interviewed for ten minutes on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd radio show on ESPN Radio, and was treated as an expert elder statesman on baseball matters. And after the interview, Cowherd was very clear about his opinion that Rose’s lifetime ban was excessive, and that PED use is worse than gambling on baseball.

And tonight during the Yankees game, Michael Kay has multiple times (once during the rain delay and at least once during the actual game) referred to his discussion today with Pete Rose and relayed Rose’s opinions on various baseball matters. It was so obviously calculated, that Ken Singleton, who actually played major league baseball (and was a star) unlike Kay–who is just a lugubrious pompous unathletic fuckebagge–was all like, “Wow! You’re really name-dropping tonight!”


  1. Trebuchet says

    I guess I’d allow Rose to be eligible for the Hall of Fame — one year after Shoeless Joe Jackson gets in.

    The problem with Rose is not so much that he gambled, but that he’s such an arrogant prick. A little humility somewhere along the line would have greatly improved his chances of being reinstated. It’s too late for that now, of course.

    And thanks for writing an actual post.

  2. colnago80 says

    The problem is that Pete Rose made bets on games in which he own team was participating. It’s pretty hard to believe that his managerial decisions were never influenced by his bets. I agree with Trebuchet @ #1, if we let Pete Rose in, let Shoeless Joe Jackson in.

    Interestingly enough, after his banning from baseball, Jackson and his wife went back to North Carolina and opened a laundry in which he made more money in the first year then he made in any year he played baseball for the White Sox. Charlie Comiskey was a cheap chiseling fuckke.

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