Cookeing With Shitte You’ve Gotte Around The House

half pound spaghetti
one can chopped clams
one bottle clam juice
one half cup wine
three plum tomatoes
dried thyme
crushed red pepper flakes
olive oil
fresh-ground black pepper


Sautee some fucken garlic with thyme, black pepper, and red pepper.


Deglaze with white wine and turn up heat.


Add the bottle of clam juice and the juice from the canned clams and bring to a boil.


Throw in the chopped tomatoes and start boiling the pasta in salty water.


When the pasta is very molto al dente, throw one half cup of the pasta water into the sauce, salt to taste, drain the pasta, and throw it in, and finish for a couple minutes on medium-high heat.


When it’s just about done, throw in the clams to heat them up.


Stir it up nice and turn off the heat when the pasta is perfect and has absorbed most of the sauce.


Very simple and very good, and the whole thing took less than a half hour.


  1. djlactin says

    (1) Try to learn to cook something other than pasta.
    (2) Try this shitte:4 tablespoons chunk peanutte butter, equivalent amount of water. Adde water a bit at a time to PB in a bowl, whippe with a fork until it’s creamy. Then whip in a tablespoon of the hottest red pepper sauce you can find. Cook spaghetti (better yette, fettucini) al dente. Adde the PB shitte and stir a bit unit it’s warm. Looks like shitte, tastes like heaven.
    (3) Real mac and cheese. Boil M in just enough water that the macs are cooked, but a little water is left; this is a learned skill. While the M is cooking, cube about 2 oz of extra-old cheddar (amount depends on amount of M). Just as the M water is “about gone” (it will start to foam like soap lather), adde the cheese and stir until it has melted. (For some zinge, add a bit of feta or a teaspoon of “Imperial extra-old cheddar” (Canada only?), THIS definitely tastes like heaven.

  2. says

    Yes. It appears that C J Miles may be draftable
    Stay tuned! I love that Jeff has Cavs ranked seriously higher than I do. Do you have Irving ahead of both Westbrook and Williams? It’s not the worst plan. Varejao’s health and ugly FT% always scare me off.

  3. blindrobin says

    This is what I call ‘Lunch’. There are near infinite variations, especially if you are adventurous. Think dried cuttlefish, mangoes and chiles for when the cupboard is well depleted.

  4. keresthanatos says

    I find your blog one of the most annoying blogs that I have ever come across! The things you post wrankle me something firece…..I spend a good part of my day screaming about things I read here. Though I do find your pasta reciepies very, very, good.

    DON’T EVER CHANGE !!!!!!!!


    H. M. Gray


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