1. F [is for fluvial] says

    Asshole here: Not gonna happen. Tell everyone that asshole says “hi”, if you don’t mind. Have fun.

  2. theta says

    Are you giving a presentation CP? I perused a few and jeez, talk about snooze city. You could do one in your kitchen, that would be fabulous.

  3. --bill says

    Ok, you have to make more videos like that.

    Also, is the olive oil hot enough so that the garlic sizzles when it goes in, or does the garlic heat up with the olive oil?

    Also–c followed by h is hard in Italian; a double-c means pronounce both: rad-eek-kyo.

  4. theta says

    Great stuff! It’s a pity you had to put it on that fucken asshole PZ Myers’ YT channel, because that caused a lot of downvotes to be given. Anyway I left a comment there. “You should have been reciting Moby Dicke when cooking this, otherwise excellent. The best FTBCon presentation by far.”

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